G-2 PLUS provides the embryo with a wide range of amino acids and hyaluronan for optimised blastocyst development.

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Appropriate nutrients to protect and support

G-2 PLUS is a medium for culture of human embryos from the 8-cell stage on day three until the blastocyst stage. The medium contains amino acids to support embryo viability and hyaluronan to improve development and cryosurvivability and to facilitate implantation. G-2 PLUS also contains vitamins that function as antioxidants to protect the embryo against reactive oxygen species during culture in vitro.

G-2 PLUS is supplemented with human serum albumin, HSA, and is ready to use.

Carefully developed formulation

The formulation of G-2 PLUS is the result of development that was first reported in the 1998 landmark article by Gardner and co-workers, were they showed that culture of human blastocysts was feasible and blastocysts had higher implantation potential than cleavage stage embryos1

Optimise all the way

Increase the chances of success at each stage of IVF. Ensure optimal conditions before, during and after culture by using the whole G-Series™. All G-Series media share the same basic composition to secure viability and implantation potential. Osmolality, pH and supporting compounds are all kept constant. This foundation prevents intracellular stresses as the embryos progress through the IVF process.

G-series_optimise all the way

G-Series - confidence at each step 

Each product in the G-Series is developed to resemble conditions in the female reproductive tract and fulfil embryo requirements.


REF: 1. Gardner et al. Hum Rep, volume 13 number 12 December 1998 pp 3434-3440 

Product description
Type Description
PurposeMedium for culture of embryos from day 3 to the blastocyst stage.
DescriptionBicarbonate buffered medium containing hyaluronan and human serum albumin.
ApplicationFor use after pre-equilibration at +37ºC and 6 % CO2.
StorageStore dark at +2 to +8ºC.