ESHRE 2017

2017-07-02 - 2017-07-05

Come and meet us in our booth at ESHRE. The 33rd Annual Meeting of ESHRE is to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, 2-5 July 2017.


We provide what you need to secure improved results throughout the IVF journey

We look forward to welcoming you to Vitrolife's booth at ESHRE where we will show you how working with us can help you maximise success every step of the way! 

Secure all steps in the IVF journey

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth where we will guide you through the journey of IVF and show you how our products help you create the very best results, all the way from oocyte retrieval to embryo transfer and cryopreservation. 

Join us in our booth C7 by the main aisle for a demonstration of both existing & new products, as for example RapidVit & RapidWarm Omni, and to learn more about our commitment to quality, improving success rates and extensive support. 

We are also delighted to invite you to our traditional Vitrolife Scientific Symposium Tuesday July 4 from 13-14, entitled “How to improve workflow efficiency and maximise clinical outcomes in your IVF clinic"

We are proud to present the programme that includes chairman Prof. David Gardner and three very experienced speakers, Markus Montag, Christina Hickman and Hubert Joris. Read more and sign up here. 

We look very much forward to welcoming you to our booth and activities at this year's ESHRE!