Take full control of embryo biopsy

2016-06-10 - 22:40

Vitrolife now offers the leading laser technology for PGS and PGD.

Increase your efficiency with ease

We have broadened our IVF solution to include Octax Laser Shot™ and Octax NaviLase™, which enable laser-assisted removal of embryonic cells for subsequent genetic testing as well as assisted hatching.

Evolving from the classical Laser Shot system, Octax NaviLase meets increasing demands for speed and automation. The modular system of hardware and software tools is designed to maximise efficiency and ease of use, and is compatible with leading microscopes.


Octax Laser Shot infrared laser system

• Easy, intuitive use
• Safety proven in several clinical studies
• High image quality
• High reliability
• Optical versatility: 25x or 40x laserlenses

Octax NaviLase dynamic multi-purpose laser system

• Innovative laser motion technology
• Proven safety
• Operates statically or dynamically without recalibration
• Moveable single-/multi-pulse modes forall relevant applications
• Stand-alone or upgrade to existing OCTAX Laser Shot systems

NOTE: This product is not cleared for sale in US.