Vitrolife’s mission

“Supporting customers to achieve successful treatment outcomes by providing valued solutions and services for assisted reproduction”. 

Vitrolife’s vision 

”To fulfil the dream of having a baby”. This describes what is most important for us - to help people to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

What does this mean to us?

A vision statement is describing the dreams and hopes for a company. It reminds us of what we are trying to build.

The mission statement describes a company’s purpose. Our mission means for instance that more than 10 % of our turnover is reinvested in R&D. We have collaborations with leading researchers in IVF around the world and this knowledge coupled with our own expertise results in both totally new products as well as refinement of current products. All products aim to support our customers to achieve successful treatment outcomes to fulfil the dream of having a baby for patients.

Our ambition is to create long-term and close collaborations with engaged customers. Working this way has generated success and good treatment outcomes. This concept, which also is our brand promise, is what we call “Together. All the way”

Besides a quality assured product line Vitrolife also have a team of experienced embryologists and customer support staff to help the clinics to set up processes and workflows in an optimal way.