Support and protect the embryo

The in vitro environment induces a lot of stress to the embryo. A culture system protecting the embryo and providing correct nutrients at each developmental stage is a prerequisite for embryo viability and successful outcome.

Embryo Culture
  • G-2™ PLUS 709 466
  • G-1™ PLUS 681 417
  • OVOIL™ 771 423
  • Microdroplet dish 165 447
  • G-2™ PLUS
    Blastocyst development medium supplemented with HSA, designed to support the development of the embryo from the 8-cell stage to the blastocyst stage. G-2™ PLUS contains carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins to support the later stage embryo development.


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  • G-1™ PLUS
    Cleavage medium supplemented with HSA, designed to support the development of the cleavage stage embryos to around the 8-cell stage. G-1™ PLUS contains the carbohydrates, amino acids and chelators to support the early embryo development.


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  • OVOIL™
    Covering embryo culture dishes with OVOIL™ maintains stable temperature, osmolality and pH. OVOIL™ is a cover oil contining 100% paraffin oil of highest quality. It is extensively tested with confirmed excellent embryo development (D. Linck, SIRT, Australia. 2008).


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  • Microdroplet dish
    This unique innovation takes culture in micro-droplets to a higher level. The dish is equipped with 12  micro-wells optimised for 10–50μL droplets. The protective grid between the micro-wells prevents mixing of droplets.


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  • The need for sequential media
    The conditions in the female reproductive tract are a reflection of embryo requirements. These requirements differ with the development stage of the embryo. The embryo before the 8-cell stage is still under the control of the maternal genome and the metabolic activity and the energy level needed is low. In contrast, after compaction at the 8-cell stage, the embryo genome is switched on and the embryo needs higher levels of energy and nutrients, such as glucose and a wide array of amino acids.
  • G-Series™ meeting embryo requirements
    The G-Series™ is developed as a series of media products that each contains the appropriate nutrients for the development stage it is intended for. All media in the G-Series™ are based on the same ionic composition, with the same osmolality and pH. This common set of ions prevents the intracellular stress the embryo is exposed to when being moved around between different solutions. 
  • Reduce stress and assess embryo development through time-lapse technology
    Monitoring every moment of the embryo development inside the incubator makes it possible to get continuous information about the embryos without opening the door of the incubator. The time-lapse technology is an excellent tool to evaluate embryos based on visible quality markers, hence increasing the chance of a successful pregnancy. Primo Vision supports embryologists to assess embryos by providing objective information and a tool to analyze embryo development.

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