Primo Vision software

Primo Vision software

Designed to provide an easy and reliable way of assessing embryos in a way that is preferred by the lab: keep it simple for the routine use and make it flexible for research

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Primo Vision software:

The user-friendly interface provides an easy and reliable way to monitor event and cleavage timings as well as cleavage patterns. It allows identification of morphological events like PN formation, ploidy, multinucleation, fragmentation and blastocoel dynamics. The remote access option gives access to closed or running projects from different locations for monitoring or consultation with colleagues.


The user-friendly interface is designed to fit the lab's workflow in a flexible way. A clinic's preferences are easy to adopt, while new, smart functions and built-in automated processes help embryologists to save time and simplify embryo evaluation.

Focus on the workflow

The Primo Vision software places the lab in the focus: the easy navigation among the functions and semi-automated processes help to speed up the time-lapse monitoring workflow. System settings follow the lab's routine in the decision making process: data from basic project parameters to detailed analyser profiles are within easy reach.


Customer defined settings provide full flexibility in the lab's work. Pre-set profiles for capturing and analysing enable standardisation and quick embryo evaluation. Personalised reports and videos on embryos' development help the embryologist and doctor to share projects with colleagues and patients.

Flexible analysis

Keep it simple for routine and flexible for research: the pre-set profiles enable quick and simple annotations and anlysis, even while the project is still running. The analysing interface enables the annotations of kinetics and the assessment of morphology at the same time. Different ways of comparing annotated embryos help to make a better decision related to transfer, cryopreservation or discarding. Scanned images taken in different focal planes ensure visibility of the tiniest details.

Unique features

The Smart log function tracks all user activities of the analysis. Smart tools help to measure fragmentation and blastomere symmetry. User authentication and different user roles ensure complete data protection.

Work where you are, share when you want

The remote access option gives access to closed or running projects from different locations. Colleagues can be involved in teaching and training while research has never been so easy with the flexible working method that the system allows.  




NOTE: This product is not cleared for sale in US.

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