Slow freezing

Slow freezing
  • The new generation slow freezing is here
    For many years commercially available products for slow freezing were based on variants of the protocol developed by Lasalle and Testart in the 1980s1.With the introduction of FreezeKit Cleave™ and ThawKit Cleave™ we can now offer a completely new procedure for slow freezing based on today’s knowledge of cell physiology and cryopreservation.
  • Metabolism continues during cryopreservation
    As survival is a determining factor in the success after slow freezing2 increased survival significantly affect overall efficiency of cryopreservation and ART. FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave are based on the G-Series media, with carefully selected amino acids. As metabolism continues during the freezing and thawing procedures, the presence of the amino acids contributes to a less stressful environment and improved embryo viability.
  • Products for different developmental stages
    Embryos can be frozen at all developmental stages. Vitrolife provide kits for freezing and thawing of pronuclear stage oocytes and cleavage stage embryos as well as for blastocysts.
  • REF
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  • NOTE. FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave are not available for sale in USA