Annual General Meeting of Vitrolife AB (publ) 2007


At Vitrolife's Annual General Meeting on May 3, 2007 the following, amongst other things, was decided:

  • No dividend will be paid for the financial year 2006.
  • Re-election of Board members Patrik Tigerschiöld, Madeleine Olsson-Eriksson and Semmy Rülf and new election of Fredrik Mattsson, in accordance with the election committee's proposal.
  • Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers was elected as the new auditor, with the authorized public accountant Birgitta Granquist with the main responsibility, for a mandate period of four years.
  • Authorization for the Board, for the time up until the next Annual General Meeting and on one or more occasions, to take a decision on the issue of a maximum of 1,900,000 shares in total, corresponding to approximately 9.6 percent of the company's share capital. The issue may deviate from the shareholders' pre-emptive rights through a non-cash issue, through offsetting or may otherwise be subscribed for in accordance with chapter 13 § 5, paragraph one, 6, of the Companies Act. The reason for the possible deviation from the shareholders' pre-emptive rights is to prepare the ground for a possible company acquisition.
  • The Board was authorized to take a decision, up until the next Annual General Meeting and on one or more occasions, with regard to the acquisition of the company's own shares.
  • The proposed principles for remuneration and other conditions of employment for the senior management were approved.

At the Board meeting following election which was held after the Annual General Meeting, Patrik Tigerschiöld was elected Chairman of the Board.