Thomas Axelsson


Thomas Axelsson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Born 1959. Employed in 2011.
Previous assignments: Experience as CEO of the publicly traded companies Stille and Artema and several unlisted medical device companies, Chairman of the Board of SBL Vaccin AB, Neoventa Medical AB, Airsonett AB and other companies mainly within the Life Science sector. Business Unit Director at Baxter.
Education: Studies at Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology

Shareholding in Vitrolife*: 20,100 shares.



Anders Ardstål, Vice President Business Development

Born 1981. Employed in 2012. M.Sc. 
Other assignments: Chairman of the board in Pmevenire AB
Previous assignments: VP of Sales at LumenRadio, Management Consultant at McKinsey & Co. and various operational management positions at Thule.

Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology.

Shareholding in Vitrolife*: 1,715 shares.

Mikael Engblom


Mikael Engblom, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Born 1977. Employed in 2007.  
Other assignments: Board member in AH Automation AB.
Previous assignments: Controller at Vitrolife and controller within R&D at Volvo Cars.
Education: M.B.A., Gothenburg School of Economics

Shareholding in Vitrolife*: 5,673 shares.

Rickard Ericsson

Rickard Ericsson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSMO)

Born 1971. Employed in 2015. 

Previous assignments: Business Development Director Europe at SCA Incontinence Care, Sales and Marketing Director UK & Ireland at SCA Incontinence Care, Management Consultant at Adera and Business Development Manager / Key Account Manager at Telia.
Education: M.Sc., Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology.

Shareholding in Vitrolife*: 1,201 shares.

Maria Forss 

Maria Forss, Business Unit Director Media

Born 1972. Employed in 2012. 
Other assignments: Member of the Board of LIDDS AB.
Previous assignments: Head of business development at PULS, CEO of Duocort Pharma and various  management positions within Astra Zeneca. Member of the board of Oncorena AB.
Education: MScBA from Gothenburg School of Economics and Concordia University, Montreal.

Shareholding in Vitrolife*: 1,995 shares.



Mark Larman, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Born 1974. Employed in 2017. 
Previous assignments: Senior Director Clinical Product Management at Progyny, Media Development Manager and Senior Scientist at Vitrolife, Senior Research Fellow at University of Melbourne, Australia.
Education: PhD from Newcastle University, U.K.

Shareholding in Vitrolife*: 239 shares.



Steffen Nielsen, Chief Operating Officer (COO) 

Born 1977. Employed in 2014. 

Previous assignments: COO at FertiliTech A/S, Global Supply Chain Director at Danfoss and various management positions within Danfoss.
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalborg University and Coventry University. MBA from Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Shareholding in Vitrolife*: 1,350 shares.


 * including holdings of spouse, children and closely related companies