Increased sales potential for Vitrolife in China - Regulatory approval for aspiration needles and micropipettes used for IVF.

2011-09-20 - 08:30

Vitrolife has obtained regulatory approval from the Chinese SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) for aspiration needles and micropipettes used for infertility treatment (IVF). With the previous approved culture media portfolio Vitrolife can now offer a full line of high quality products for IVF-treatment and reassert its leading position in the fast growing Chinese market.

“Vitrolife is now able to provide not only the top quality culture media products, but also the top quality needles and micropipettes used in ovum pick up and microinjection procedures. This has opened up a new possibility to further leverage our fast growing sales in China”, says Dr. Joe Jin, the Chief of the Representative Office in Beijing, China.

This approval confirms that Vitrolife brings safe, efficient and certified products into the hands of IVF professionals.

“China is a strategically important market for Vitrolife. There is no doubt that his approval will further strengthen our market position in the country”, says Dr. Magnus Nilsson, CEO Vitrolife”.

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Gothenburg, September 20, 2011


Magnus Nilsson


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