A prospective, randomised study presented at ESHRE 2011 showed a significant increase in take-home baby rate when using EmbryoGlue for transfer, compared to the control group.

- We have now shown that EmbryoGlue results in more babies being born compared with traditional products, irrespective of the day for transfer, says Dr. Basak Balaban, one of the authors of the study.

The take-home baby rate for embryo transfer on day 5 was 63.4% using EmbryoGlue compared to 52.2% in the control group.

The independent Cochrane report has previously shown that EmbryoGlue has a positive effect on pregnancy frequency. EmbryoGlue is a medium developed exclusively for embryo transfer and the only existing product with proven implantation enhancing effect.

Read more about EmbryoGlue and how its unique combination of hyaluronan and human recombinant albumin improves implantation and pregnancy rates.

REF: B Balaban et al. Effect of hyaluronan-enriched transfer medium on take-home baby rate after day 3 and day 5 embryo transfers: a prospective randomized study. Oral presentation 0-060, ESHRE 2011.