Vitrolife ART Academy

Vitrolife ART Academy

Supporting IVF professionals to maximise success through increased theoretical and practical knowledge about embryo requirements and clinic workflows.

Join a Vitrolife workshop - optimise your IVF success 

Our wide range of workshops offers both basic embryology knowledge as well as advanced in-depth education where the aim is to fine-tune a good workflow to make it even better.

We host several workshops each year, both at our site in Gothenburg, Sweden, as well as regional workshops around the world. These workshops are highly appreciated by participants.

The Vitrolife workshops are designed to offer a scientific angle on our products and their applicability in areas such as:

  • Best practice 
  • Product design 
  • Optimal use 
  • Technical features  

The format of our workshops is usually a combination of presentations given by Vitrolife staff and invited speakers as well as hands-on experience with our products.

Among the people you will meet during a workshop are former lab directors, experienced embryologists and researchers who will understand the challenges you are facing and speak your language.

To us, it is important to share quality not only in our products but also through education and support. We are dedicated to support our customers in improving their knowledge to increase clinical outcome and help couples fulfil the dream of having a baby.

Contact us at or your local Vitrolife representative to learn more about our workshops. 

Hear what others say about our workshops: 

"The most interesting overall learning experience for educational purposes."

"Great workshop for embryologists of all levels"

"This was extremely beneficial and I certainly will recommend it to others"

"I learned a lot of actual hands on techniques to use and try!"