ICSI with a firm but gentle touch

Injecting the sperm into the oocyte without any damage and unnecessary time delay is important in order to achieve high fertilisation rates after ICSI.

  • Extra protection in handling medium 202 402
  • All pipettes are inspected with a microscope 612 295
  • Extra protection in handling medium
    G-MOPS™ PLUS is a part of the G-Series™ and contains the carbohydrates and amino acids that are required to support gamete function. G-MOPS PLUS contains a buffer to maintain pH in ambient atmosphere.


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  • All pipettes undergo strict QC-control
    An experienced technician inspects every pipette to guarantee their mechanical integrity before release. This means that all pipettes meet the specified tolerances and that they are free from glass fragments and other residues. All pipettes are MEA- and LAL-tested.

  • ICSI dish, designed and tested for IVF

    Since a study by Njis et al showed that dishes used for ICSI can be reprotoxic we decided to design our own: guaranteed embryo and gamete safe. The square format and low profile  ICSI dish allows for easy instrument access. The bottom of the dish reaches all the way to the heated stage and is designed for optimal heat transfer.

  • Wide selection of ICSI pipettes

    Our ICSI pipettes are designed to quickly penetrate the oocyte and inject the sperm. The sperm is immobilized and the sharp tip penetrates the zona pellucida with minimal damage. An optimal lumen diameter reduces the cytoplasm aspirated into the needle and the amount of fluid injected into the oocyte. The pipettes are supplied with and without spike.

  • Safe ICSI™ sperm handling solution

    ICSI™ solution makes it easier to immobilise the sperm before injection. It contains recombinant human serum albumin, which is structurally identical to plasma-derived human serum albumin but is free from any viral or prion contamination concerns and plasma-derived impurities.

  • 1. Nijs et al. Fertil Steril. Aug; 92(2): 527-535. 2009

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