EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator

EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator

Making time-lapse a standard of care.

  • Large capacity
  • Small footprint
  • Efficient workflow
  • Resource optimisation
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Optimise embryo development and evaluation with our new time-lapse system that builds on the same foundation as our EmbryoScope, the world’s most used time-lapse system for IVF since 2009. The use of time-lapse in the assisted reproduction clinic is becoming widely recognised as providing a wide range of clinical, workflow and data management advantages over traditional methods. EmbryoScope+ is designed to meet the needs of clinics wishing to implement time-lapse as a standard of care to more of their patients:

Validated and clinically used

EmbryoScope+ has been validated and used clinically in five Scandinavian clinics, Maigaard Fertility Clinic, Horsens Fertility Clinic, Ciconia Aarhus Fertility Clinic, Fertilitetscentrum Göteborg IVF Sverige and Vitanova Fertilitycenter, and we are proud to say that EmbryoScope+ has already been used in more than 500 treatments. 

Watch a movie about Maigaard Fertility Clinic's use of EmbryoScope+


Medical Director John Kirk from Maigaard Fertility Clinic says: 

 ”As the first clinic in the world to introduce time-lapse technology for all patients in 2010, we have seen an improvement in implantation rates while reducing multiple pregnancy rates by way of more single embryo transfer. After a 6 month clinical validation period, we are confidently using the new EmbryoScope+ routinely for our patients. We have the same great result, with the added benefit of higher patient and embryo capacity as well as space savings in the lab.”

Optimised usage of clinic resources

EmbryoScope+ has more than double the patient capacity, compared to other bench-top time-lapse systems. The EmbryoScope+ can simultaneously acquire time-lapse videos from up to 15 patient EmbryoSlide culture dishes with up to 16 embryos making it ideal for clinics who wish to offer time-lapse to all of their patients.

To improve workflow, the EmbryoSlide+ culture dishes are automatically registered using a special patient barcode labelling system. With the small footprint (55x60x50 cm WxDxH) you will make efficient use of space, a valued asset in all labs and especially where space is limited. The large capacity in combination with a small footprint and efficient workflow provides optimised usage of clinic resources.

Easy patient addition workflow

A patient identification barcode system offers a flexible and efficient workflow. The EmbroScope+ automatically reads and registers entry of a new patient and re-entry of an existing patient slide.

EmbryoScope+ interface allows observation of 16 embryos per EmbryoSlide+

The software interface on the EmbryoScope+ allows you to observe patient embryos as well as see live incubation running conditions.

Stable culture conditions and patient safety

EmbryoScope+ provides a very stable and controlled incubation environment with a comprehensive and rigorous monitoring system. A unique isolated loading area design ensures that culture conditions in the internal incubation chamber are unaltered upon door opening to add or remove patients.

Supportive software

EmbryoScope+ is used with an EmbryoViewer Software version allowing you to see all 16 embryos at a time.

High patient capacity

EmbryoScope+ as the capacity of 15 EmbryoSlide culture dishes in a small benchtop footprint. Each culture dish has the capacity of 16 embryos. The wells are individually numbered and the culture dish contains four additional wells for flushing and rinsing.

Minimal culture disturbance

The EmbryoSlide culture dish handling port is isolated from the remainder of the incubation chamber. This unique design ensures that culture conditions inside the incubator are virtually undisturbed when apatient culture dish is added or removed.

Easy and efficient gas and temperature validation

An easy to access gas sampling port is positioned at the front of the EmbryoScope+. An intuitive menu guides the process of setting and validating gas and temperature set points.

Certified for clinical use

EmbryoScope+ is CE approved as a type class IIa medical device according to the medical device directive (MDD), and is currently being used for clinical treatments in several IVF clinics.

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