EmbryoSlide+ culture dish

EmbryoSlide+ culture dish

Specifically designed for the individual culture of up to sixteen embryos in the EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator

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Designed for embryo culture in the EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator

The design protected EmbryoSlide+ culture dish is a single-use, sterile culture dish especially designed for culture of embryos in the EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator. The culture dish is CE marked (class IIa) and compatible with standard and inverted microscopes.

Holds up to 16 embryos

Each EmbryoSlide+ culture dish holds up to 16 embryos cultured in 2 reservoirs with 8 microwells in each. In addition to the 16 culture wells, the EmbryoSlide+ culture dish includes four individual rinsing wells for optional use during the embryo loading process or for transient collection of embryos for transfer or freeze upon embryo selection. 

Unique identification of each embryo

Micro-numerals next to well bottom visible in dissection microscope during embryo handling 

Safe and easy handling

  • Each tray holds 16 embryos. Embryo settle at the bottom of the well.
  • Vertical “tail-fin” ensures a firm grip and safe handling (patented)
  • Separate lid for easy detachment
  • Compatible with standard microscopy
  • Slide format is 49 x 68mm
  • Optical grade polymer optimized for microscopy
  • 4 small wells designed for flushing of the embryos
  • Barcode labelling system conveniently located on slide base for automatic registration of patient into EmbryoScope+ instrument.

Safe, non-humidified environment

Water impermeable polymer slide and cover of oil prevent dehydration during handling in low humidity laboratory air and in dry incubators.


Product description
Type Description
PurposeFor embryo culture in the EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator
DescriptionEach EmbryoSlide+ culture dish contains 16 microwells for incubation of up to 16 embryos. Embryos share 180ul of culture medium under a confluent oil cover in each of two reservoirs.
ApplicationMicro well culture: 16 numbered wells for incubation of embryos in shared media droplets, 4 wells for flushing of embryos, under a common oil reservoir

Microscopy: Fully compatible with standard and inverted microscopes

Size: Slide size 49 × 68 mm

Packaging: Slides packed individually with lid in sterile pouches, 2D barcode for batch specification

Sterilisation method: E-beam sterilised according to ISO 11137 with SAL 10-6, single use, sterile

Toxicity test: Embryotoxicity tested with 1-cell mouse embryos – minimum 80% expanded blastocysts after 96 hrs, Cytotoxicity test according to ISO 10993-5, Non-pyrogenic

Europe: CE-marked class IIa medical device

NOTE: This product is not cleared for sale in US