Conventional single lumen with luer

Conventional single lumen with luer

Designed to optimise aspiration time, maximise control and improve patient comfort.

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The shape of the tip makes the difference

All needles used for oocyte retrieval have the mission to collect the maximum amount of undamaged oocytes in a short time as possible. One important feature in accomplishing this mission is the tip of the needle and its design.

In order to penetrate the tissue with a little damage as possible, the needle tip needs to be sharp and precise. A comparison between needles showed that the shape of the needle tip made a big difference in penetration resistance.

  • Maximised control and precision for improved performance
    All needles, including the handle and side connections, are made of surgical grade stainless steel. The MediSteel™ PrecisionGrip™ is purpose designed to optimise aspirative orientation and control. The handle has a marking for bevel point indication.
  • Ultra sharp design for low penetration resistance and exact precision
    The V-Tip™ is designed to meet your needs by providing extraordinary sharpness, exact precision and the utmost safety. It has a bevel grinding of 15 degrees for low resistance penetration and distinctive backpoint grinding to prevent deviation.
  • Ultra-sound wash and steam sterilisation for increased safety
    To ensure smooth internal and external surfaces and a burr-free needle tip, all our needles undergo an extensive washing process and surface treatment.
  • Double sterile pack to meet surgical standards
    Each needle is individually packaged in a double sterile barrier to avoid contamination in the surgical theatre.
  • Friction-free tubing for easier handling and confidence in use
    To create a convenient, kink-free environment and to prevent any oocyte damage, the aspiration tubing and the flushing tubing are made of a friction-free Teflon.
  • Luer attachment
    This needle is provided with a luer attachment for direct connection to a syringe.
Product description
Type Description
PurposeIntended for flushing and/or aspiration of oocytes from ovarian follicles.
DescriptionNeedle equipped with a luer-lock for connection of a syringe.
ApplicationFor use with suitable syringe.
StorageStore in room temperature.