Sense™ Single lumen

Sense™ Single lumen

Oocyte retrieval – the way it should be.

Reduced needle tip for less bleeding and pain, without compromising aspiration time, control and oocyte safety.

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Successful oocyte retrieval starts here

A successful oocyte retrieval needs to be fast, precise and retrieve the maximal amount of undamaged oocytes without complications. It is a critical procedure involving a lot of anxiety for the patient, which also needs to be taken care of. This requires a special tool. We call it the new way of oocyte retrieval. We call it Sense.

How to optmise oocyte retrieval

Dr. Westlander, MD, PhD, is the Medical Director at Fertilitetscentrum, a private clinic in Sweden performing around 1500 IVF cycles annually. Here, the Sense needle is used to create optimal conditions during the oocyte retrieval procedure, both for the patient and the clinician. Watch the movie to learn more.

Dr Westlander talks about optimised oocyte retrieval

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Significantly less bleeding and pain

Oocyte retrieval performed with the Sense needle gives significantly less vaginal bleeding compared to a conventional 17 G needle, which has been shown in a prospective, randomized study 1*. The use of Sense also resulted in a significantly reduced overall pain experience – 19% lower compared to a conventional 17 G needle. Regardless of needle size, there were no differences in aspiration time, oocyte recovery and fertilisation rate.

Less area, less tissue damage

The unique design of Sense provides ideal conditions for maximised control, precision, aspiration time and improved patient comfort. All at the same time. With the same needle.

The reduced tip gives you the advantages of a small sized needle; less bleeding and less pain1. The cross-section surface area of the Sense needle tip is 59% less than a conventional 17 G needle tip. As only the tip is reduced, the rigidity and flow are maintained, ensuring accurate guidance while helping to maximize the number of oocytes collected.

With Sense you maintain the benefits of a conventional needle and gain the advantage of a thin needle. It makes sense.

The shape of the tip makes the difference

All needles used for oocyte retrieval have the mission to collect the maximum amount of undamaged oocytes in a short time as possible. One important feature in accomplishing this mission is the tip of the needle and its design.

In order to penetrate the tissue with a little damage as possible, the needle tip needs to be sharp and precise. A comparison between needles showed that the shape of the needle tip made a big difference in penetration resistance.

Maximised control and precision for improved performance

All needles, including the handle and side connections, are made of surgical grade stainless steel AISA 304. The MediSteel™ PrecisionGrip™ is purpose designed to optimise aspirative orientation and control. The handle has a marking for bevel point indication.

Ultra-sound wash and steam sterilisation for increased safety

To ensure smooth internal and external surfaces and a burr-free needle tip, all our needles undergo an extensive washing process and surface treatment.

Double sterile pack to meet surgical standards

Each needle is individually packaged in a double sterile barrier to avoid contamination in the surgical theatre.

Friction-free tubing for easier handling and confidence in use

To create a convenient, kink-free environment and to prevent any oocyte damage, the aspiration tubing and the flushing tubing are made of a friction-free Teflon.

1. Wikland et al. Hum Rep 2011 Jun;26(6):1377-83)

* The claim ”less bleeding and pain” has not been approved by the US FDA.

Product description
Type Description
PurposeIntended for flushing and/or aspiration of oocytes from ovarian follicles.
DescriptionNeedle with tubing for aspiration, silicone rubber cork and a blunt cannula for flushing. The needle consists of a reduced part (tip) and an unreduced part (body).
ApplicationFor use with suitable vacuum pump, collection vial and vacuum pump tubing.
StorageStore in room temperature.