The first culture medium specifically designed
for time-lapse.

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A new approach

Time-lapse culture removes time limits and stresses from embryos during assessment while adding power to classic morphology. G-TL is a new medium in the G-Series™ designed to optimise the use of time-lapse technology, allowing truly undisturbed time-lapse culture. 

Balancing stresses 

In a sequential culture system, metabolic stress is minimised by providing nutrient gradients but handling stress may follow when changing the medium. Time-lapse monitoring using specialised culture media minimises handling stress but the medium composition has to be optimised to reduce metabolic stress.

G-TL provides uninterrupted culture conditions in an optimised culture environment to maximise embryo viability. The balanced mix of amino acids in G-TL is based on new knowledge about embryo metabolism and consumption of media constituents1. G-TL is designed to reduce ammonium load from breakdown products, while providing an optimised supply of amino acids for development. G-TL is supplemented with human serum albumin, HSA, and is ready to use.

G-TL has been shown to give high results when compared to sequential culture systems as well as monophasic culture systems.

Learn more about the development of the first media specifically designed for time-lapse culture

Get the possibility to hear Dr. Silversand describe the development of G-TL as well as present clinical results from a multicentre prospective randomised trial.

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International prospective randomised study confirms high performance of G-TL

Watch Dr. Hardarson present results from an international, prospective, controlled and randomised multicentre study evaluating G-TL in a clinical environment using time-lapse technology. This lecture was a part of the Vitrolife Scientific Symposium at ESHRE 2014.

In harmony with the G-Series 

As with all media in the G-Series, G-TL is founded on extensive studies 1,2,3 of physiology and developmental needs for optimal viability. Read more about the development of G-TL here.

Optimise all the way

Increase the chances of success at each stage of IVF. Ensure optimal conditions before, during and after culture by using the whole G-Series. All G-Series media share the same basic composition to secure viability and implantation potential. Osmolality, pH and supporting compounds are all kept constant. This foundation prevents intracellular stresses as the embryos progress through the IVF process.

G-series_optimise all the way

G-Series - confidence at each step

Each product in the G-Series is developed to resemble conditions in the female reproductive tract and fulfil embryo requirements. 

REF: 1. Wale and Gardner, Biology of Reproduction v2012;87(1):24, 1-8. 2. Gardner et al., Fertil and Steril 2001;76, 1176-1180. 3. Gardner et al., Hum Rep 2011;26, 1981-1986

Product description
Type Description
PurposeMedium for culture of embryos from fertilisation to the blastocyst stage.
DescriptionBicarbonate buffered medium containing hyaluronan and human serum albumin.
ApplicationFor use after pre-equilibration at +37°C and 6 % CO2.
StorageStore dark at +2 to +8ºC