Log & Guard

Log & Guard

Continuous monitoring of critical quality control parameters in your IVF laboratory protects embryos and puts time on your side. 

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Take control of your lab and put time on your side

Complying with quality requirements and regulations in an IVF lab takes time and effort. The Log&Guard system replaces the daily routine of manual snapshot measurements with continuous monitoring of critical parameters, presented in an easy to use web interface.

Take control of critical parameters to create a protective environment

Log&Guard is a monitoring and alarm system specifically designed to meet the needs of quality control in the IVF lab. All critical culture and storage parameters such as temperature, humidity, pH, CO2/O2, VOCs and power supply are continuously measured and documented through a network of external sensors. 

Should any of the measured values exceed the pre-defined normal range, both visual and audible alarms will be triggered. Log&Guard will also send text messages to up to seven mobile phones.

Feel secure with an easily accessible and easy to use software program

Log&Guard operates on a web interface based software platform, easily accessible from any computer in your local network, and does not require a separate computer. 

Alarm conditions and thresholds, measurement intervals and many other parameters can be set individually to perfectly adapt the monitoring network to your individual lab.

Measured data can be downloaded for long term storage.

Start small or go big 

The flexible Log&Guard system lets you decide which and how many external sensors to be connected to the main controller. You also have a choice of data transmission by cable, wirelessly or a combination of the two.

Log&Guard ensures monitoring of

Standard and benchtop incubators
• Temperature logger
• CO2 sensor
• O2 sensor
• pH-Online for pH monitoring

Cryo containers
• Ultra-low temperature monitoring
• LN2 level sensor

Fridges & freezers
• Temperature logger

Laboratory environment
• Temperature logger
• Humidity sensor
• VOC sensor
• Power supply monitoring



Besides acoustical/optical alarms in the lab you can be notified on your phone.


Log&Guard components


NOTE: Log&Guard™ has not received 510(k) clearance.

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