Facilitating denudation

To be able to reach the oocyte and fulfill the mission of fertilisation, the spermatozoa release the enzyme hyaluronidase to make their way through the cumulus mass. In vitro, if  ICSI is used as a fertilisation method, the cumulus cells must be removed by the embryologist. The same enzyme released by the spermatozoa is used.

When oocytes are placed in diluted HYASE-10X the cumulus mass is dispersed in a few seconds and the cells can easily be removed with a denudation pipette. 

The concentration of hyaluronidase in HYASE-10X is 800 IU/mL. 

Product description
Type Description
PurposeFor removal of cumulus cells.
DescriptionPhysiological salt buffer containing hyaluronidase and Human Serum Albumin.
ApplicationFor use after dilution. See product insert.
StorageStore dark at +2 to +8°C