Micromanipulation pipettes

Micromanipulation pipettes

      Precision pipettes for better control

      Our comprehensive range of pipettes give you optimal control
      in micromanipulation. The pipettes are manufactured with quality
      assured materials that are MEA and endotoxin (LAL) tested.

      100% control

      All stages of production are controlled, from the raw material to
      the final product. Every single pipette is checked for dimensions
      to minimise LOT-to-LOT variation. This allows you to use our
      pipettes in the most standardised way for your procedure. 

      Sensitive MEA-test

      The pipettes are tested with the industry-leading Vitrolife 1-cell
      MEA test. Using the best toxicity test for gametes, this secures that
      all pipettes from Vitrolife are safe in every procedure.

      Heat polished base

      All Vitrolife pipettes have heat polished bases to ensure longevity
      of seals in your pipette holder.