Different designs to meet your needs 

Our biopsy pipettes come in two versions, standard and fluted. Both versions have smooth edges and parallel walls, providing a linear flow of fluids. The new fluted design has a heavy fire-polished tip, which gives a collapsed finish. This makes the pipette especially well suited for trophectoderm biopsy, where the sample is small and fragile.

For aspiration of blastomeres

The blastomere pipette is used to aspirate blastomeres for pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT). 

Strict QC-control

An experienced technician inspects every pipette to guarantee their mechanical integrity before release. This means that all pipettes meet the specified tolerances and that they are free from glass fragments and other residues. All pipettes are MEA- and LAL-tested.

Individual packaging

Each pipette remains sterile until package is unsealed - guaranteed sterility.

Product description
Type Description
PurposeFor embryo biopsy.
DescriptionPipette with a straight and smooth tip.
ApplicationFor use with a micromanipulator.
StorageStore in room temperature.