Octax LaserShot & Octax NaviLase

Octax LaserShot & Octax NaviLase

Efficient, safe and trusted for all laser applications in IVF.

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Modular laser systems for all applications in IVF

Vitrolife is now proud to offer modular, high quality lasers to suit your needs. The static Octax LaserShot and the dynamic Octax NaviLase are both calibration free and no pilot laser is needed. Both lasers can be used for all laser applications within IVF, including assisted hatching, blastomere, polar body, and trophectoderm biopsy and also blastocyst collapsing prior to vitrification.  

Efficient handling of gametes and embryos 

The outstanding image quality reveals important details about gametes and embryos and provides a reliable basis for working, especially during biopsy procedures. 

Only two shots are needed for complete zona opening, which reduces laser energy and time out of the incubator. The foot pedal frees up your hands and the TargetPointer enables you to easily monitor the procedure by looking through the eyepieces.

With the Octax Adaptive Electronic Condenser, you are always working under optimal image quality and do not need to manually adjust the settings. 

Operate on a flexible software platform with multiple upgrading options

The core element for the laser and imaging systems is the Octax EyeWare software, which operates the laser, takes images and records videos. The software is based on an SQL server and can support installations ranging from a stand-alone imaging station to a multi-operational, multi-user networked system. 

Octax EyeWare is unique in its seamless integration of additional software, with no need for multiple databases. Octax polarAIDE for spindle and zona imaging and Octax cytoScreen for IMSI are available as additional software modules.

Octax EyeWare software features

• High-resolution live video display
• Unlimited image snapshot gallery
• Instant access to objective calibrations
• Image and video capture and storage function
• Multi-camera support
• Biometric measurement tools
• Multilingual GUI 
• Comparison option for up to four images at a time 
• Image zoom function

Octax laser and imaging systems, components and options


NOTE: Octax LaserShot and Octax NaviLase have not yet received 510(k) clearance.

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