Primo Vision™ Time-Lapse System

Primo Vision™ Time-Lapse System
      • New possibilities
        Time-lapse technology has the potential to raise a clinic’s success rate. High quality images enable detailed embryo monitoring to perform the most accurate evaluations. Events, that are rarely seen with conventional microscopy, like abnormal cleavage or altering morphological events, can be revealed in minutes with the new technology.
      • Minimised stress
        Primo Vision avoids the need to move embryos or unnecessarily expose them to light from conventional examination. Throughout their development, embryos remain safe and undisturbed inside the lab’s trusted incubator. 
      • Keep the lab's routine
        Primo Vision is easy to install and use without disturbing the daily routine in the lab. The system integrates quickly into most clinics' routine, by utilising the existing equipment and maintaining culture conditions. 
      • Flexibility
        Primo Vision offers a modular structure that significantly lowers the investment hurdle. The number of microscopes to start with is a flexible choice. New microscopes can be added at any time as a clinic's needs grow. 
      • Easy-to-use, customisable software
        Primo Vision software is designed to provide an easy and reliable way to analyse, compare and report the development of embryos. User-defined system settings provide complete freedom for embryologists to create individual profiles.