Primo Vision culture dish

Primo Vision culture dish

For enhanced embryo development through group culturing

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Primo Vision micro well group culture dish:

Group culture of embryos has been found to enhance embryo development1-5. The Primo Vision system uses a specially designed micro well group culture dish: each dish combines the benefits of group culture for up to 9 or 16 embryos while keeping them in place for individual monitoring. 

The Primo Vision micro well group culture dish is specially designed for the Primo Vision system. The arrangement of the micro wells in the dish allows simple adjustment, tracking and identification of embryos with the benefits of group culture. The dishes are available with micro wells for up to 9 or 16 embryos. All dishes include alphanumeric marking to help you with the placement and identification of embryos. 

During embryo culture, all micro wells are covered by one droplet of culture media to ensure an optimal group culture environment, while the separate micro wells allow the embryos to create their own stable microenvironment.

Benefits of group culture

Group culture is a widely used culture method, which has a beneficial effect on embryo development via autocrine and paracrine factors. A study comparing culture in the Primo Vision embryo culture dish to culture in a conventional dish showed the following results for the Primo Vision dish6:

  • Significantly higher fertilisation rate
  • Improved embryo quality
  • Significantly higher number of embryos available for cryopreservation
  • 12% higher clinical pregnancy rate compared to the conventional dish

Primo Vision Embryo Culture Dish

Thoroughly tested

The dishes are individually CE and CFDA certified and MEA tested.

Learn how to load the Primo Vision Embryo Culture Dish



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NOTE: This product is not cleared for sale in US.

Product description
Type Description
PurposeFor embryo culture in Primo Vision EVO and EVO+
DescriptionMicro droplet dish with vented lid
StorageStore at room temperature