ThawKit™ Cleave

ThawKit™ Cleave

The new generation of slow freezing – optimised composition, convenient protocol and high survival rate

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Outstanding results

Two independent studies show that survival of pronuclear stage oocytes and cleavage stage embryos is significantly improved using FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave.

Significantly higher blastocyst survival

GraphTwo clinics in Sweden made a pre-clinical, randomised comparison of FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave with an existing commercial product for freezing of cleavage-stage embryos.

The primary endpoint was blastomere survival rate. A statistically significant difference in blastomere survival was seen between the two methods.

Significantly better survival rate

At Westmead Fertility Center Australia, clinical use of FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave resulted in improved survival. A retrospective analysis on 1497 embryos from 377 patients showed significantly better survival rate for both 2PN- and cleavage-stage embryos. 

Safe to use for previously frozen material

Survival of cleavage-stage embryos frozen with our older product, FREEZE-KIT 1, and thawed with the new ThawKit Cleave was 73%. This demonstrates the safety of the new procedure on previously frozen material.Graph

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New media composition

PuzzleBased on our G-Series™ media with carefully selected amino acids for embryo metabolism.


MOPS bufferMOPS-buffered for more stable pH during handling and temperature shifts.


HyaluronanHyaluronan and Human Serum Albumin are included for cryo protection.


ScaleImproved levels of cryoprotectants in freezing kit for better dehydration.


Less exposure time

PrOH not present in the thawing media for reduced exposure time to penetrating cryoprotectant.


Time-saving and convenient

FreezeKit Cleave and ThawKit Cleave make the whole slow freezing procedure faster and more convenient. Fewer steps compared to current protocol save time, but also reduce operator variability and facilitates the process of training new staff. Most importantly is however that the fewer steps and shorter handling time lower the stress induced to the embryos.

Images showing new, easier procedure

Content in kit

1x10 mL - Thawing solution 1
1x10 mL - Thawing solution 2
1x10 mL - Equilibration solution

Note. This product is not available for sale in USA

Product description
Type Description
PurposeFor thawing of frozen pronuclear oocytes and cleavage stage embryos
DescriptionMOPS buffered media
ApplicationFor use in sequence after equilibration at room temperature and ambient atmosphere
StorageStore dark at +2 to +8ºC