MicroCell & Accessories

MicroCell & Accessories

The MicroCell is a disposable counting chamber designed for accurate analysis of semen samples.

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Motility and concentration of spermatozoa are part of the assessments made to determine semen quality. The MicroCell is a single use counting chamber for semen assessments.

Advanced design ensures accuracy

The hydrophobic, non-vented chamber design eliminates sample leakage, resulting in greater sample stability and enhanced safety. The specially engineered chamber also minimises cover glass flex resulting in a consistent chamber depth after sample loading.

Disposable and efficient 

As the MicroCell is disposable, there is a lower risk of contamination and no time is needed for cleaning and drying. Using the MicroCell gives the same accuracy every time. Two or four samples can be assessed on each MicroCell.


The MicroCell can be used manually in a microscope, but is also compatible with all Computer Assisted Semen Analysis Systems (CASA).

Quality assured

A rigorous 100% inspection process employs laser interferometry to verify chamber depth and eliminate distortion.

Watch a movie for demonstration of the MicroCell

Product description
Type Description
PurposeFor accurate analysis of semen samples.
DescriptionCell counting chamber.
StorageStore in room temperature.

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