RapidVit™ Cleave

RapidVit™ Cleave

Minimum toxic exposure.
Maximum embryo support.

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  • DMSO-free for minimised toxic exposure of embryos and embryologists.
  • Hyaluronan for optimal cryosurvival.
  • Amino acids to support embryo development.
  • Buffered with MOPS to maintain stable pH during the vitrification and warming procedures.
  • Ready to use after warming to +37°C.

Download white paper to learn more

Download the white paper "How to be successful with vitrification" and learn more about factors influencing high survival rates in vitrification and warming.

Download white paper
Product description
Type Description
PurposeFor vitrification of cleavage stage embryos (US: day 3 only)
DescriptionMOPS buffered media.
ApplicationFor use in sequence after equilibration at +37°C and ambient atmosphere.
StorageStore dark at +2 to +8ºC.