Houston IVF in Texas performs around 500 fresh IVF-cycles annually and has consistently achieved pregnancy rates ranked higher than the national average in every age group. Since the start of the clinic in 2002 all embryo transfers have been performed using EmbryoGlue.

Treats many patients with previusly failed attempts 

- Most of our patients come to Houston IVF with previously failed attempts from other centers, so we already know that something has been a challenge elsewhere. Regardless of this our success rates are great and EmbryoGlue is definitely part in this success, says Dr.Timothy N. Hickman, Medical Director and co-founder of Houston IVF. 

High success rates

Houston IVF has consistently achieved pregnancy rates that are ranked higher than the national average in every age group. Compiled data from 2002-2010 show that the percentage of IVF cycles resulting in live birth is for all ages is 67.7% with donor eggs. For women in the age group 38-40 with at least one previously failed attempt, the number is 43.9%. (http://www.houstonivf.net/SuccessRates.aspx)

IVF laboratory contributes to great results

Houston IVF claims that one contributor to their great results is the IVF laboratory. The embryologists are able to grow embryos in an optimal environment and increase their growth, development, and implantation potential.

EmbryoGlue increases take-home baby rate

EmbryoGlue is a transfer medium rich in hyaluronan and has in numerous clinical studies been found to increase implantation, pregnancy rates and take-home baby rate, without any adverse effects.1,2.

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