Stephen Harbottle on how to increase the chance of a successful IVF treatment

Good start for Cambridge IVF

Cambridge IVF in UK opened in 2011 as a part of the government funded Addenbrooks Hospital. The clinic has been designed to handle up to 750 IVF cycles annually, which is where they are aiming at in the coming years. During 2012 around 150 cycles are expected. The average patient age at Cambridge IVF is around 38 years.

Stephen Harbottle is the lead embryologist at Cambridge IVF. He has been working as a clinical embryologist since 1994 at several clinics in UK.

-It has been a very good start for us, says Stephen Harbottle. We have only been open a few months, but the results are encouraging. Our pregnancy rate in the under 38 year group is 52% and our overall pregnancy rate is 32%.

Patient friendly clinic

 -We like to think that we are a forward thinking unit, explains Stephen Harbottle. We fit the procedures around the patients; we do not fit the patients around the procedures. We work with evidence-based procedures and with the best possible quality consumables, culture media and equipment that we could possibly source. We have left nothing to chance in the design of the facility.

EmbryoGlue is used for every embryo transfer

At Cambridge IVF EmbryoGlue is used for every embryo transfer, to increase the chances of pregnancy.

-We believe EmbryoGlue makes a difference, says Stephen, and we have been delighted with the successes we have had using it. We want to make sure patients are aware that we are doing everything that we possibly can to give them the best possible chances of a successful outcome of their treatment. It makes perfect sense for us to use a media that is specifically designed for embryo transfer.

Vitrolife is a partner

Stephen Harbottle has been using the Vitrolife product range for almost 10 years, even while working at other clinics. He emphasizes the importance of choosing the right culture media, especially when setting up a new fertility centre.

-We selected the Vitrolife culture media based on its merits, says Stephen. We also felt that Vitrolife did not just wanted to supply us with media, but supply us with more than that. We have an excellent relationship with Vitrolife and feel that they have played a part in the development of our service, they want to grow with us and have been very supportive.

Cambridge IVF in UK is a part of Addenbrooks Hospital. Read more about the clinic on their web site.