100% time-lapse in Galway Fertility Clinic

Galway Fertility Clinic is situated on the west coast of Ireland. They perform between 400 to 500 fresh cycles of IVF every year in addition to a frozen program and ovulation induction programme. The clinic has been using the EmbryoScope time-lapse system since 2012, and offer time-lapse to all their patients. 

Providing the highest standard of care

“It is our philosophy in Galway Fertility clinic to provide the highest standard of care to all our patients. That is why we have a standard rate for IVF”, says Lab Director Jenny Cloherty. “We don’t charge any extra for all the extra things that we know give a higher chance of success, such as using time-lapse and EmbryoGlue for every transfer. We do extended culture where clinically indicated and feel that all of these extra details give every couple the best chance of success”. 

Better selection gives greater confidence in performing single embryo transfer 

“From our experience of using EmbryoScope we have greater confidence in doing elective single embryo transfer, which is something very difficult to convince patients when they are paying for the full cycle themselves. Over the last few years we have doubled the number of cycles where we are doing an elective single embryo transfer, based on all the extra information that we can get from reviewing time-lapse images”, says Jenny.