The Primo Vision time-lapse system is used during IVF-treatment and can help select viable embryos for transfer. Watch how this couple became parents to two lovely babies with the help of their IVF clinic, PMAtlantique and Primo Vision.

IVF clinic using the latest IVF technology

- After five unsuccessful IVF attempts in three years, we decided to seek for a clinic that was using the latest IVF technology in order to really maximise our chances to succeed, says Ronan, who recently became a father. 

The choice fell on PMAtlantique IVF clinic in Saint Herblain, France. This privately owned clinic performed 1200 IVF cycles last year and sees patients both from France and abroad.

Primo Vision offers quality to patients

-We decided to invest into time-lapse technology, to reinforce the level of quality we offer to our patients, says Dr. Martigny, gynaecologist at PMAtlantique. We have chosen the Primo Vision time-lapse system from Vitrolife for two mains reasons; we could improve our culture environment thanks to fewer manipulations, which leads to less stress for the embryo. Primo Vision was also very easy for us to integrate into our daily work at the clinic and we could keep the culture conditions we were confident with.