Dr. Morimoto has been in the field of reproductive medicine for more than 30 years. Patients from all over the world come to his clinic, IVF Namba Clinic in Osaka, Japan. The clinic performs around 3500 IVF-treatments per year.

The clinic has been using vitrification for cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos since 2004. After having some concern over the potential risk with open system, the clinic started to use the closed vitrification system Rapid-i in 2012.

- In many society meetings, both local and international, we had a lot of discussion about the risk of contamination in open systems for vitrification. We have no conclusion but we have some doubt about the contamination risk on the open system. So we need to provide a very secure system for patients so we are looking for a closed vitrification system, says Dr. Morimoto.  

Before the implementation of Rapid-i, Dr. Morimoto and his team performed several studies to confirm the safety and efficiency of the system. The results show that the closed system Rapid-i performs equally good as an open system.