Sustainable business

Vitrolife Sustainable Business

Corporate culture

Vitrolife’s values guide the co-workers in their actions and decision-making in different situations.

Equality opportunities and diversity

Vitrolife’s equal opportunities policy and diversity activities are prioritised areas within the company and are based on the belief that operations are strengthened by having differing viewpoints and experience represented.

Environmental impact

The main facility in Gothenburg is since 2014 certified in line with the ISO 14001 standard. After mapping the environmental performance, the main environmental challenges were identified as the transportation of personnel and products and the consumption of electricity.

Environmental policy 

Our vision is to fulfill the dream of having a baby. To achieve this we develop, manufacture and market products and systems in the field of assisted reproduction. Whilst doing so we strive to improve our environmental performance by committing to the following:

  • Continuous improvements and emissions prevention
  • Compliance with legal and other relevant requirements
  • Minimise the environmental impact of energy consumption and transportation
  • Communicate our environmental policy to employees, suppliers, distributors and to the general public

Quality-assured products

Our products are sold worldwide. Customer input is compiled regularly and reported to the management. The aim is to treat customers, clinics and patients in a sustainable manner. This is achieved by ensuring that each product distributed to customers meets the promised quality standards which, in turn, enables effective treatments.

This level of quality can be assured by using quality systems that meet international requirements for medical devices, for example ISO 13485. With its quality system, we have committed to comply with the regulations set by the authorities in each country where the products are sold or distributed. This means, inter alia, that each product is sold clearly marked for its approved range of applications, has instructions for correct use and that a system is in place to assess risk and register side-effects.

Responsible business

All employees and business partners receive continuous training in Vitrolife’s Code of Conduct to ensure that Vitrolife’s operations comply with local legislation, international and national codes of conduct, and Vitrolife’s standards. The Code of Conduct is included as part of the evaluation when selecting and qualifying suppliers.

Vitrolife endeavours to make a positive impact in those countries where the company operates. Vitrolife follows the OECD’s Transfer Pricing Guidelines to achieve a fair allocation of company taxes between the countries where the company operates.

Social responsibility

Helping people to have children is important as it gives parents great joy and maintains balanced birth rates. Millions of women around the world lack access to maternity care. Therefore, Vitrolife supports Läkarmissionen’s efforts to create safe birthing conditions for women in the Congo, which saves lives and reduces suffering.