Working at Vitrolife

Who we are - how we think

A vision statement is describing the dreams and hopes for a company. It reminds us of what we are trying to build. The values guide us in how we are to act and make decisions in different situations. The objective is that all employees will have the values as a basis for their daily work.

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Meet some of us

Welcome to visit Ann-Helene in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is one of our experienced senior embryologists and works as Advance Support Manager.


Meet Pa, our Laboratory Supervisor in the Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) lab in Denver, US.

I joined Vitrolife as an Embryologist in 2006, and I am currently the Laboratory Supervisor for our Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) Lab. I hold a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.

My work involves coordination of sample testing, planning of daily operations and performing different types of MEA’s. Furthermore, I work across different departments to provide support to research, product development and Marketing & Sales. The most important thing in my job is to ensure that only products that meet Vitrolife’s quality standards make it to the customer. By using our unique Mouse Embryo Assay, our lab is one of the last quality verification points before a product is released for sale.

What I really enjoy about working at Vitrolife is the strong, positive and success-fostering culture. This culture promotes and delivers success that both employees and customer experience. 

Being a parent myself, I realise how important parenthood can be. This is why I am proud to be helping others make their dream of parenthood a reality.

One word that I strongly associate with Vitrolife is “Quality”.

Have a read about Masaki's life with Vitrolife as Sales Manager in Tokyo, Japan. 

Before I started at Vitrolife I worked in the plastic surgery industry with precision equipment. Later I moved over to the IVF field and was soon employed by Vitrolife. At Vitrolife I started as a consultant doing market research of the IVF market in Japan together with Mr. Marcus Hedenskog. Together we established Vitrolife KK in Tokyo 2009 and since then I’ve worked as a sales manager.

My daily work consists of various tasks, but in brief I support my sales team in accordance to our sales strategy. I frequently visit our customers, mainly doctors and embryologists. I also work on improving management strategies together with the management team.

Important parts of my job are to motivate colleagues in our office, not only sales people but also technical support, in-house sales and assistants.

What I enjoy most about working at Vitrolife is that it is great to be a part of a growing company. I also appreciate to see my colleagues grow as human associate with their work.

One word I strongly associate with Vitrolife is “Karma”.