Listen to Tony Winslöf presenting Vitrolife Labware, a series of products from Vitrolife created and dedicated for use in IVF.

The importance of quality tested disposables

Plastic disposables are used throughout the IVF process, from oocyte aspiration to embryo transfer. However only a small percentage of the contact supplies and tissue cultureware used in IVF is suitably tested.

Extensively tested and ready-to-use

Only the very purest raw materials that pass our sensitive MEA are selected for production. Multiple QC tests are performed both during the production process and on the final products. All finished products are tested using a MEA using multiple endpoints, including 1-cell, expanded blastocysts ≥ 80% and cell count. Products for handling semen are also tested using a Human Sperm Survival Assay (HSSA).

Developed together with experts

Vitrolife Labware has been developed in close collaboration with IVF clinics with the aim of simplifying and improving daily work in the lab. Each product is designed for a specific task. The products offer a secure environment for gametes and embryos to achieve the best possible results.