Ways to support embryo implantation 

Implantation of the embryo after in-vitro fertilisation involves the intimate interaction between an implantation-competent blastocyst and a receptive uterus. 

Besides the continuous efforts to identify the best embryo for transfer, a number of clinical interventions have been proposed to support embryo implantation via increasing uterine receptivity. 

During this presentation Prof Griesinger will present the following interventions aiming at supporting embryo implantation; hysteroscopy/endometrial scratching, GnRH-agonist administration at time of implantation and usage of the hyaluron-enriched embryo transfer medium EmbryoGlue®.

Prof Georg Griesinger works at University Clinic of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. This lecture was a part of the Vitrolife Satellite Symposium “Optimising the success of every IVF cycle - advances in culture, selection and transfer.” The symposium took place as part of ESHRE 2014 in Munich, Germany.

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