Results from a study using G-TL™ - a medium specifically designed for time-lapse culture

New technologies benefits from tailored solutions

Time-lapse imaging of embryos is rapidly becoming established as a reliable and robust method in the IVF laboratory for culture, monitoring and assessment of embryos throughout the entire pre-implantation period. 

The non-invasive, real-time technology provides a more objective and continuous assessment of embryos than the use of traditional morphology assessment alone. With the introduction of time-lapse technology, it has become more desirable to use a medium that allows undisturbed embryo culture to the blastocyst stage without media change. 

Specifically designed for time-lapse culture

The G-TL culture medium is specifically designed for time-lapse technology, for continuous culture from fertilisation to the blastocyst stage. In this lecture Dr. Hardarson presents results from an international multi-centre, prospective and randomised study evaluating G-TL for efficacy and safety.

Dr. Thorir Hardarson works at Fertilitetscentrum in Gothenburg, Sweden. This lecture was a part of the Vitrolife Satellite Symposium “Optimising the success of every IVF cycle - advances in culture, selection and transfer.” The symposium took place as part of ESHRE 2014 in Munich, Germany.