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Vitrolife support and workshops

Protect the embryo

There are many variables in an IVF-lab affecting the pregnancy rates, from air filters to culture media and incubators. When all processes are fine-tuned, only products of high quality are used, pH and temperature are closely monitored, all equipment is maintained - the results will be high.

The ability to culture viable embryos involves more than simply using appropriate culture media. There is a chain of variables and events that can have an impact on the outcome of an IVF cycle and they all need to be taken into account in order to optimise pregnancy rates. Precautions have to be taken at every step to prevent toxic or harmful components from entering the culture system.

Different support possibilities

To change a procedure or implement a new product in a monitored system can be perceived as difficult. Vitrolife offer several solutions to make such a transition smooth.

We believe we can help you to further improve your pregnancy rates and will assist you in your work for success. Our support staff consists of experienced embryologists, many of which have worked as lab directors. We strive to find a customised solution to your specific needs.

  • We offer tech support by phone and e-mail
  • We offer an extensive workshop program with the focus to optimise your IVF success.
  • An embryologist could come to assist you during the start-up process
  • All products come with a detailed instruction for use. For main procedures we provide short protocols and manuals.

Being a Vitrolife customer means that you will always meet people with the ambition to support your wish to help patients receive their much longed for child. Contact us at or your local Vitrolife representative to learn more about how we can support you and your clinic.