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A successful transfer is a gentle and nontraumatic procedure where the embryo is expulsed in the correct place in the uterine cavity. A hyaluronan-rich transfer medium will further improve the chance of a successful outcome.

Embryo Transfer
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    The implantation media EmbryoGlue has a unique combination of hyaluronan and recombinant albumin. Several studies have shown EmbryoGlue to increase implantation rates for the total unselected patient population but also for the subgroups frozen/thawed cleavage stage embryo transfers and for patients with many previously failed IVF treatments. 


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  • Cochrane report: EmbryoGlue® increases live birth rates

    The independent research network Cochrane Collaboration has published a meta analysis, including 13 randomised, controlled, prospective studies on hyaluronan as an adherence compound in embryo transfers. The analysis showed that "A clear positive effect of having hyaluronic acid in the embryo transfer medium was identified overall and even for embryos that had been grown in hyaluronic acid containing media up until transfer", meaning that EmbryoGlue has a positive effect on embryo transfers. 

  • EmbryoGlue increases take-home baby rate 

    A prospective, randomised study presented at ESHRE 2011 showed a significant increase in take-home baby rate when using EmbryoGlue for transfer, compared to the control group. The take-home baby rate for embryo transfer on day 5 was 63.4% using EmbryoGlue compared to 52.2% in the control group1

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    Do you want to learn more about about how EmbryoGlue can increase success rates? Download a white paper that describes what makes EmbryoGlue a successful transfer medium.
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    1. B Balaban et al. 2011, Oral presentation 0-060, ESHRE 2011

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