Fertilisation using required nutrients

Successful fertilisation in vitro depends on balanced nutrients in a stable temperature and pH environment. A medium with sufficient carbohydrates and amino acids for both sperm and oocyte will support the fertilisation event.

Conventional IVF
  • G-IVF™ 325 411
  • Centre Well dish 454 456
  • G-IVF™
    Medium for preparation and handling of gametes and for in vitro fertilisation. G-IVF is available both supplemented with HSA and unsupplemented.


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  • Safe environment for your gametes and embryos
    We provide dishes specifically designed for IVF, which makes your work easier and more effective. You can stay assured your gametes and embryos are not stressed excessively since our dishes are sterile, non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic. The dishes are designed for optimal temperature consistency with a bottom that reaches all the way down to the heated stage for even heat distribution.

  • Gentle denudation before fertilisation assessment

    Vitrolife denudation pipettes come in a variety of sizes, all with narrow tolerance levels, for gentle and precise denudation. The pipettes have smooth edges to ensure undamaged oocytes. The ergonomic design minimises the pressure on the wrist and shoulder and there is no risk of oocyte trapping since the silicon bulb has a smaller volume than the total volume of the pipette.

  • Serological and Pasteur pipettes tested for gametes and embryos

    Ensure a sterile, non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic environment for the gametes and embryos in your dishes. Our high-quality serological and pasteur pipettes are tested to meet the requirements in your IVF laboratory.

  • G-IVF™ maintains functionality 

    G-IVF™ is part of the G-Series™ and contains all the carbohydrates and amino acids necessary for the sperm and oocyte to obtain high fertilisation rates.

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