Oocyte retrieval with less bleeding and pain

Fast, precise and gentle oocyte retrieval reduce stress for both oocytes and patient. Using a needle with a thin tip and conventional sized body reduces the pain and risk for bleeding, making the retrieval less stressful.

Oocyte Retrieval
  • Labware tested and certified for IVF 864 418
  • Extensive needle quality control 562 338
  • Labware tested and certified for IVF
    Using quality controlled, non-toxic, dishes, pipettes and tubes are always important through the different procedures. When plastic disposables are insufficiently controlled, they can contain components that are toxic to gametes and embryos. The products in Vitrolife Labware are all developed for improved embryo culture conditions and offer an extensively tested environment for the gametes and embryos through all steps of an IVF-procedure.

  • Extensive needle quality control
    Every single needle from Vitrolife is inspected by microscope to guarantee that no residues or other visible defects are present. To ensure smooth internal and external surfaces and a burr-free needle tip, all needles undergo an extensive washing process and surface treatment. Needles from Vitrolife are also tested for toxicity before release. Each needle is individually packaged in a double sterile barrier to avoid contamination in the surgical theatre.

  • Significantly less vaginal bleeding

    Oocyte retrieval performed with the Sense™ needle gives significantly less vaginal bleeding compared to a conventional 17 G needle. These findings have been shown in a prospective, randomised study by Wikland et al. The use of Sense also resulted in a significantly reduced overall pain experience – 19% lower compared to a conventional 17 G needle. Regardless of needle size, there were no differences in aspiration time, oocyte recovery and fertilisation rate. 
    The claim ”less bleeding and pain” has not been approved by the US FDA

  • Less stress for the oocyte

    Oocytes are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in pH. G-MOPS™ PLUS is a medium buffered to maintain pH in ambient atmosphere, containing amino acids and nutrients to support the oocyte.

  • Long experience

    Together with the pioneers in IVF, Vitrolife invented the transvaginal follicle aspiration needle with an ultrasound probe already in the 1980s. This technique has since then been used successfully worldwide.

  • Learn how to create optimal conditions during oocyte retrieval
    Watch a movie where Dr. Westlander, an experienced gynecologist shares his view on how to create optimal conditions during the oocyte retrieval procedure, both for the patient and the clinician. 

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