Select and support the most viable sperm

An optimal sperm preparation should result in a sufficient number of motile, morphologically normal spermatozoa with maintained viability.

Sperm  Preparation
  • G-IVF™ 341 407
  • SpermGrad™ 393 465
  • G-IVF™
    G-IVF is optimised for fertilisation and to maintain gamete functionality. G-IVF contains glucose and fructose to support both cumulus cells and sperm functionality. The same medium can be used for all sperm preparation procedures including dilution of gradient solutions, washing, sperm counts and final dilution of sperm solution for fertilisation.

  • SpermGrad™
    Designed for separation and purification of human sperm by density gradient centrifugation. SpermGrad has in a clinical evaluation been found to give increased progressive motility compared to a leading brand. SpermGrad comes in two sizes, 30 mL and 125 mL, both as a stock solution and as ready to use. 

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