Vitrification for optimal cryo-survivability

Vitrification in super-cooled air enables aseptic handling and eliminates direct contact with liquid nitrogen.

  • RapidVit/Warm media 627 451
  • Rapid-i Kit™ 473 305
  • RapidVit™ and RapidWarm™
    All our vitrification media are developed to improve cryo survival.
    - Hyaluronan for optimal cryo survival.
    - DMSO-free for minimised toxic exposure of embryos and embryologists.
    - Amino acids to support embryo development.
    - Buffered with MOPS to maintain stable pH during the vitrification and warming procedures.
    - Ready to use after warming to +37°C.

  • Rapid-i Kit™
    Rapid-i has a small hole into which the embryos are placed and held by surface tension in a minute volume of vitrification solution. The low volume is a pre-requisite to obtain optimal cooling and warming rates. The defined hole makes it easy to load the embryos without the risk of using a too large volume jeopardizing embryo survival.

  • How to save time and secure good results in vitrification

    Dr. Ann-Helene Jakobsson is presenting the methodology, results as well as practical tips & tricks for vitrification using our Rapid-i Vitrification System in this recorded webinar.


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  • Aseptic handling with vitrification in super-cooled air

    Rapid-i™ is a unique vitrification device. After loading of the embryos onto the Rapid-i, the device is inserted into a pre-cooled RapidStraw™. The air inside the straw is super-cooled by the surrounding liquid nitrogen and the vitrification occurs instantly. Sealing of the straw is performed after vitrification which makes it easier for the operator to perform the critical dehydration steps of vitrification within the important time frames. When the embryos are to be warmed, the RapidStraw is cut and the Rapid-i retrieved without any contact with surrounding materials, allowing for safe aseptic handling.

  • Everything in one place

    The Rapid-i Vitrification System is an integrated, convenient and closed system for vitrification. The device, media and supporting accessories in the system are developed to function together.

  • Physiological temperature important

    RapidVit™ Omni and RapidWarm™ Omni are ready-to-use vitrification and warming kits that support time-efficient methods, are easy to use, and deliver excellent survival and consistent results. Both vitrification and warming are performed at physiological temperature (37°C), to maintain spindle integrity and ensure maximum viability. 

  • Keeping an eye on the embryo

    The patented Rapid-i Kit is an “open-hole” device designed to allow vitrification in a minute volume of vitrification solution. The open hole also allows you to constantly keep an eye on the embryo while loading and warming.

  • Would you like to know more about vitrification?

  • Download the white paper "How to be successful with vitrification" and learn more about factors influencing high survival rates in vitrification and warming.

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