Embryo Biopsy

Embryo Biopsy

Be confident with a safe, controlled and efficient workflow.

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Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) provides valuable information for selecting which embryo to transfer. These procedures can improve the chances of successful treatment, but also stress both the embryo and laboratory staff.

Challenges with biopsy - the risk of harm and increase in workload

A biopsy is an invasive procedure, exposing the embryo to many risks; potential drift in pH and temperature outside the incubator and damage during micromanipulation.

Introducing embryo biopsy in the IVF lab means new workflows that demand great skill and put undue stress on laboratory staff. The procedure is also time-consuming and ultimately leads to additional cryopreservation steps while awaiting the results of genetic testing.

How to meet these challenges

The key to reducing stress is a standardised procedure with an efficient workflow that handles the embryo gently and maintains a safe and stable environment throughout.

We provide reliable IVF-certified products that support safe, smooth and standardised biopsy procedures, including handling and vitrification. This ensures that you can perform biopsies in an organised way under stable and controlled conditions, while minimising the risk of harming the embryo.

Practical considerations when introducing PGS in your IVF clinic

The main areas that will be affected when genetic testing is introduced are:

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Staff
  • Workflows

There are many factors to consider when introducing PGS as a routine treatment offer as a proper implementation involves both the IVF laboratory and the genetic center. Learn more about practical considerations in this white paper. 

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Working together for you and your results

Our products are optimised to improve the final result and increase efficiency in every process, and simplify your work in the clinic. Developing a reliable standardised procedure is so much easier when it is designed from a comprehensive range of IVF-dedicated components that are meant to work together.

Create a controlled environment using Vitrolife products

Embryo biopsy requires multiple micromanipulation steps working outside the incubator and puts the embryos at risk of changes in pH and temperature. Our handling media and oil provide a stable pH and our unique dishes maintain the same temperature in and between dishes. 

Rely on your equipment for consistent procedures 

With numerous factors influencing the end result, at least the tools and media used throughout the whole procedure should be consistent. Our products are designed to give optimal support to embryos or to do as little harm as possible.

They are exposed to the same rigorous quality controls - from raw materials through production control to final product inspections, including our proprietary MEA testing. Vitrolife products support uniform procedures. Let the patient be the only variable. 

Put time on your side

Embryo biopsy can be time-consuming. Our standardised and efficient vitrification protocols save time. The convenient patient identification on the dishes will add to a smooth workflow.

The products below are all supporting your embryo biopsy procedures. Click to learn more and to order. 

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