EmbryoScope® time-lapse system

EmbryoScope® time-lapse system
  • EmbryoScope time-lapse incubator 148 161
  • ES server 470 314
  • EmbryoViewer software 587 261
  • EmbryoScope time-lapse incubator is an integrated benchtop incubator with the capacity of 6 patients holding 12 embryos in each culture dish.

    EmbryoScope provides a stable incubation environment while high quality images of embryo development are acquired. 

  • The information acquired by the EmbryoScope incubator(s) is transferred and stored on the ES server

    It can be connected to multiple EmbryoScope incubators and EmbryoViewer workstations.

    ES server is an integrated part of the first EmbryoScope purchase and can be placed whereever you find the most suitable, fx in a server room.  

  • EmbryoViewer software is the tool for embryo analysis and evaluation.

    The hardware consists of: 1 thin client computer, 1 high-resolution monitor, 1 keyboard, 1 scroll wheel and 1 mouse. 

  • Ensuring optimal embryo development 
    EmbryoScope is the world’s most used time-lapse system for observation of embryo development, while maintaining stable embryo culture conditions. It has been used in more than 300.000 patient treatments since 2009. At the heart of the system is the EmbryoScope incubator which ensures stable incubation while automatically taking images of the developing embryos at defined intervals. This information is transferred to the ES server so that the information can be accessed from conveniently accessed computer stations.  
  • Improved basis for embryo selection
    The EmbryoViewer software has been developed with input from leading embryologists around the world and includes all the tools needed to register embryo development, analyse the data and provide a ranking of embryo development potential. 
  • Safe and secure embryo handling
    The specially designed and patented EmbryoSlide culture dish allows safe handling and optimal microscopy & image acquisition of embryos.  
  • Documented improvement in clinical outcome
    A prospective randomized control trial comparing culture and selection using the EmbryoScope time-lapse system to traditional culture and evaluation documented a relative increase in ongoing pregnancy rate of 23% while early pregnancy loss was reduced by 36%. For this study, the Compare and Select feature of the EmbryoViewer software was used to input a selection model based on analysis of embryo development parameters previously identified at the clinic.1
    1. Rubio et al. (2014) Fertility and Sterility 102:1287.94



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