EmbryoScope® Counseling App

EmbryoScope® Counseling App

Improve your patient communication with EmbryoScope Counseling App.

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EmbryoScope Counseling App offers the capability of educating your patients about embryo development and the ability to show patients the videos of how their own embryos developed in the EmbryoScope time-lapse incubator.

  • An ideal tool for patient consultation
  • Guide patients through the EmbryoScopetime-lapse system treatment benefits versus standard incubation
  • Show examples of a patient's developing embryos
  • Show examples of good and poor developing embryos
  • Log in to show patients how their own embryos have developed

EmbryoScope Counseling App for patient communication on embryo development

The capability of showing patients their own embryos requires an annual ES server connection license for each device used. Please contact your Vitrolife representative for more information.

Find the “EmbryoScope Counseling App” on the App Store and get free access to the app’s main features and use on your iPad.

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