Secure patient identification and sample handling from retrieval to cryo preservation.

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Secure patient identification and sample handling

Follow gametes and embryos from retrieval to cryopreservation via an intuitive barcode tracking system. The FertiProof system makes your clinic compliant with regulatory requirements while saving time by reducing manual paperwork. The system logs all actions performed on scanned consumables, prevents mix-ups and shows all critical actions.

Modular, compact and flexible set-up

The compact system includes a barcode label printer, barcode readers and a tablet to access an intuitive web interface software. Photo scanners perform the barcode identification which reduces the risk of harming gametes or embryos by radio frequency or laser light emission.

One-step instant individual labelling 

On your tablet, just select the icon corresponding to the dish, tube or straw you will use and the barcode printer will print a label with both barcode and clear text. On each MEA-tested label, you can easily identify the patient name, ID and the type of consumable.

Make it easy to make it right

In case of mismatch between the sample and patient ID, the system will trigger an alarm and block further actions. You can document batch numbers of all consumables and generate workflow reports sorted by patient, operator or day. 

Software to support every move

The FertiProof software is installed on your clinic´s existing server. Administration of the software is done through a web interface, accessible from the client workplaces. The software is easy to customise for procedures and the consumables you use. The graphic interface ensures intuitive operation. The software provides interfaces to lab information systems for convenient data transfer. 

Comply with regulations and save time

Error prevention is one of the key elements of good laboratory practice in IVF. The European Directive 2004/23/EC and various national regulations put an emphasis on quality control, including the documentation and traceability of all critical procedures. 
Batch numbers of all culture media and consumables involved in processing and culture of gametes and embryos must also be recorded. With FertiProof you no longer need hand written protocols and manual double checking. 

A powerful system

• Patient ID
• Actions
• Batch numbers

Matching and rising alarm in case of mix-ups
Generating workflow reports


FertiProof components


NOTE: FertiProof™ has not received 510(k) clearance.

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