A pH stable handling medium designed to support the handling and manipulation of oocytes and embryos outside the incubator.  

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pH consistent

G-MOPS is a handling medium that allows performance of all procedures outside the CO2 incubator, such as oocyte retrieval and ICSI, without worrying about a change in pH also in the most time consuming cases. The medium contains amino acids and antibiotics and has the same osmolality and pH as Vitrolife culture media.

Amino acids protect the embryo

Amino acids have a protective role that helps the embryo to maintain homeostasis. This is of particular importance during early stages of development, before the formation of the transporting epithelium. Media with amino acids contribute to minimising intracellular stress. By having amino acid in the media the gametes and embryos are better protected against variations in the environment. 

Optimise all the way

Increase the chances of success at each stage of IVF. Ensure optimal conditions before, during and after culture by using the whole G-Series™. All G-Series media share the same basic composition to secure viability and implantation potential. Osmolality, pH and supporting compounds are all kept constant. This foundation prevents intracellular stresses as the embryos progress through the IVF process.

G-series_optimise all the way

G-Series - confidence at each step 

Each product in the G-Series is developed to resemble conditions in the female reproductive tract and fulfil embryo requirements.

Product description
Type Description
PurposeMedium for handling and manipulating oocytes and embryos in ambient atmosphere.
DescriptionMOPS buffered medium.
ApplicationFor oocyte collection after temperature equilibration at +37°C and ambient atmosphere. For gamete and embryo manipulation after the addition of G-MM™ or HSA-solution™ and temperature equilibration at +37°C and ambient atmosphere.
StorageStore dark at +2 to +8ºC.