For rinsing of contact materials and washing of the cervix before oocyte aspiration and embryo transfer.

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Prepare with G-Series from the start

Use G-RINSE to test and rinse oocyte retrieval needles, wash the cervix prior to retrieval and transfer and for rinsing of contact materials. G-RINSE contains gentamicin, salts and a carbohydrate with the same osmolality as the other G-Series™ media. Rinsing with G-RINSE ensures that no dilution affects your culture.

G-RINSE protects the development of the embryo

It is well known that the manufacturing process of traditional non IVF certified plastics such as dishes and test tubes may leave debris behind in the products. This debris can easily be observed floating in the dishes and tubes after adding media. These particles will adhere to the zonas of embryos when culturing or when rinsing through these disposables. This may affect the development of the embryos.

The viability of embryos is strongly correlated to cell numbers1. To confirm that rinsing of dishes improves embryo viability, the cell number of blastocysts were counted after culture in rinsed and non rinsed dishes. 

G-RINSE_improves embryo viability

G-RINSE_rinse and no rinse

Pre-rinse to improve culture systems

In order to minimise the amount of debris present in plasticware, Vitrolife recommends pre-rinsing all contact materials before use whenever pos­sible. The exception would be Vitrolife Labware products, uniquely certified for human IVF. 

Optimise all the way 

Increase the chances of success at each stage of IVF. Ensure optimal conditions before, during and after culture by using the whole G-Series. All G-Series media share the same basic composition to secure viability and implantation potential. Osmolality, pH and supporting compounds are all kept constant. This foundation prevents intracellular stresses as the embryos progress through the IVF process.

G-Series - confidence at each step 

Each product in the G-Series is developed to resemble conditions in the female reproductive tract and fulfil embryo requirements.


REF: 1. D.K. Gardner and D. Sakkas, Placenta, 2003, 24, S5-S12, doi:10.1016/S0143-4004(03)00136-X. 2. Data on file. Fertility Labs Colorado, Englewood, Colorado.

Product description
Type Description
PurposeSolution for rinsing of contact materials and for washing of the cervix. Not for culture.
DescriptionBicarbonate buffered salt solution.
ApplicationFor use after pre-equilibration at +37ºC and 6 % CO2.
StorageStore dark at +2 to +8ºC.